About Us

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Our story

rfCYCLE, LLC was formed in 2014 by three geeks with an idea. We are located in Albuquerque, NM. After spending many a lunch hour drinking, debating and designing, our first product has finally coalesced to something physical, beyond our bar tab. rfCYCLE will focus on bicycle accessories designed to make riders safer and more visible to those around them. With 9 years and 45,000 miles of daily commuting under our belts, we speak with experience:

  • We understand the risks that commuters take every day they set off down the road and hope to help make that road a safer place for all.
  • We know what works and what constraints we all face on the ride.

Our first product, a wireless taillight system that acts as a brake and turn signal, the Warthog, was designed with these concepts in mind. As a result, it is a valuable addition to any cyclist’s safety system. The basic taillight is no larger than the average taillight, the control unit hides out of site and is very low maintenance. They are simple to install and use, allowing the rider to signal their intentions to all on the road or trail. The taillight now becomes an interactive information sharing device that lets others know that something is changing in the cyclist’s behavior, whether slowing down or changing in direction.

Our future products, now in development, will also seek to remember who our customers are, the cycling community. We hope to use modern technology to update and expand a commuter’s tool kit to conveniently expand their safety.

See you out there!